About Us


The goal of the West Columbia Chamber of Commerce is to serve and promote the growth of our community. The Chamber does this by providing information and resources for retaining, expanding, and supporting business opportunities, schools, recreational facilities, the arts and our local heritage.

Our Objective

  • Retain, expand and service the membership base
  • Retain and expand existing businesses
  • Promote Tourism
  • Serve as an advocate in local, state and government affairs
  • Improve the quality of life in the West Columbia Area

About the Chamber

Welcome to the West Columbia Chamber of Commerce! We are a group of citizens who are voluntarily investing time and money to achieve community development. Our goal is to come together and improve our city’s economic, civic, and cultural well-being.

We strive to make our city prosper by providing information to people about our local businesses, schools, recreational facilities, and most of all, our art and heritage. The Chamber does this by offering resources to support the community and help it expand.

What We Do

Every business owner or association member who becomes an investor makes us their partner. We make it a point to let people know about what they have to offer. By doing this, we are also creating more job opportunities for the locals.

Other businesses are promoted through ambassador meetings, network luncheons, ribbon cuttings, retail business meetings, and real estate meetings. During these events, we also offer new business owners an opportunity to become part of the chamber.

In addition, we sponsor events such as 1st Saturdays to attract more patrons and visitors who can positively affect the city’s economy.

We are a partnership of more than 200 concerned business owners working together to accomplish more than any single business or person can achieve alone. Please support those who continue to invest in West Columbia, the best hometown in Texas!

Your Trusted Source for Information

We are the information center for West Columbia. The Chamber has successfully served this community for more than 50 years! Whether it’s a new business looking for a location, a new family looking for real estate, phone book and information, or simply a mom needing to know when and where to sign up for sport activities, the Chamber is the source. We urge you to keep this website bookmarked and use it often. It is an excellent source of information.


"Being a Chamber Member has been a great asset to our business and involvement in our community."

- Lori Zamora, Prosperity Bank

"The chamber is an asset to our community, and we are proud to be a member."

- Kendra Goolsby, Goolsby Properties

"The Chamber is not only a valuable asset to the local businesses but the West Columbia community as a whole."

- Chris Gilbert

"Proud to be apart of a chamber that cares about our business and our clients!"

- Lauren Raynes, Broker Cornerstone Realtors

"We love our Chamber for so many reasons but feeling uplifted and supported at all times is a big help to our business."

- Cindy Saville, Madeline's